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Packaging products

Alongside standard offerings, we can create unique packaging, entirely bespoke (and perfectly matched) to your requirements.

Fragile. Heavy. Upright. Portable. Dangerous. Liquid. Organic. Chemical.

Whatever you’re packing, we have the solution.

The Material Advantage

Choose from a diverse range of packaging materials ­– tested to the highest standards in our UKAS-accredited on-site lab.

Conventional corrugated

Durable steel




Returnable plastic

Treated timber

When it comes to packaging, one size really doesn’t fit all

Explore by category and find the best packaging product for your unique requirements

Tri-Wall Products
Dangerous goods

We create, test and certify UN dangerous goods packaging

Our UN-certified, UKAS-accredited packaging can transport a range of dangerous goods (including lithium-ion batteries), saving you the hassle and cost of additional testing.

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