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We think beyond the box

Designing specialist packaging is pure innovation. It’s about asking the right questions, using the right materials, and finding the right solution for every challenge.

From designing and testing bespoke packaging to manufacturing the strongest, most fit-for-purpose multi-material solutions, innovation is in our DNA.


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Tri-Wall was the first company to manufacture triple-walled corrugated board in the UK. Even the company’s name speaks to our innovation-first approach.


In-house testing (accredited by UKAS)

We pride ourselves on being able to test packaging to the highest standards.

Our in-house testing is performed by a team of experts in the field, and our test facilities are UKAS accredited, covering fibreboard, timber, and plastic combination boxes.


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Ensuring packaging is fit for road, sea and air.




Dangerous goods testing

Meeting the UN’s certification standards for the transport of dangerous goods, our experts can replicate the conditions your packaging may be exposed to in transit.


What do we test?




In the rare event that your pack is outside of our scope, we can source external testing within our trusted network.


We’re one of just two packaging companies to be able to offer <b>UKAS-accredited dangerous goods testing for corrugated boxes</b>, on site.


We’re in the business of solving problems

Problem first. Product second. Because we have the capacity to choose from so many materials (our Material Advantage), we can innovate around needs and optimise packaging to do more. In other words, we look at your challenges and then design or tweak our products to solve them.

  • Beautiful designs
  • Stronger products
  • Better value
  • Less waste
  • Decreased shipping costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Streamlined supply chains


Our process


Need your own packaging tested?

Our dedication to challenging norms and testing boundaries extends beyond our own business. Because our facilities are independent, we test packaging for other companies – even our rivals. Designs always remain confidential, because integrity and quality are at the heart of all we do.


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Strength testing
Drop testing
Extreme temperature testing
Strength testing
Drop testing
Moisture testing
Humidity testing
Blast + corrosion resistance
Vibration testing
Pressure testing
Extreme temperature testing

It’s at the heart of everything we do – every action we take and every decision we make. Because when deliveries need to be on time and in budget, when goods need proper protection, when sustainability is a must – not an afterthought – and when reputations are at stake…you need a partner you can trust.


We keep customers informed at every turn, from material choices to delivery predictions. We’re straight-talkers who do what we say, and who aren’t afraid to have conversations – even the difficult ones. Because transparency and integrity are key.


From bespoke design that maximises supply chain efficiency to stock management and on-site storage, we make sure our service is tailored to your business needs and our products solve your biggest challenges first. And should your needs change? We’ll adapt our approach to match.


Our packaging solutions are available in a wide array of materials, and we can design custom solutions to suit every business need.

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We’re renowned for both quality and service. With 7 sites across the UK, we make sure the manufacturing process is seamless and efficient.

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Our UKAS-accredited in-house testing facilities ensure we’re able to meet the highest industry standards and keep your products safe throughout their journey.

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Strategic partnership

We’re more than a supplier. We empower our clients by working in collaboration with them, delivering creative and logistical solutions to every challenge.

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In addition to standard flat-pack delivery, we provide preassembled, ready-to-use packaging that saves you time and resources.

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Stock management

We can help ensure you always have enough stock, without having to pay to store excessive amounts – saving valuable warehouse space, waste, and operational costs.

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Dangerous goods

(including lithium-ion batteries)

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Stock management + storage
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Strategic partnership
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“Reliability. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Tri-Wall. Because in an industry like ours, you need to trust suppliers. There is a lot of respect from both sides in the relationship. Some of our suppliers will cancel but not let us know. Tri-Wall is different.”
Tri-Wall customer
We get the job done. And we get it done right.
  • Communication at every stage of the process
  • Transparency and integrity. Always.
  • Solving problems, not creating them

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  • Conventional corrugated
  • Heavy-duty/industrial corrugated
  • Cartons
  • Solidboard
  • Heat-treated timber
  • Kiln-dried timber
  • Bespoke pallets
  • Timber crates
  • Plywood packaging
  • Plastic crates and returnables
  • Correx
  • Plastic fixtures and fittings
  • Plastic inner packaging
  • Shrinkwrap and bubblewrap
Ideal for
  • One-way-trip packaging
  • Airfreight packaging
  • Retail and ecommerce
  • Good strength-to-weight ratio
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% customisable
Ideal for
  • Large products
  • Bespoke sizes
  • One-off protective packaging
  • Protects heavy items
  • Treated for worldwide export
  • 100% customisable
Ideal for
  • Line-side/storage tote bins
  • Warehouse distribution
  • Bulk products
  • Waterproof
  • Return loop systems
  • Possible collapsible options
  • Eco-friendly fabric packaging
  • Sacks and bulk bags
  • Strapping, casing and fixtures
  • Protective foam
  • Foam inner packaging
  • Expanded polypropylene (EPP) – recyclable alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS).
  • Protective steel casing and containers
  • Racking and shelving
  • Heavy-duty steel packaging
Ideal for
  • Surface protection
  • Lightweight, delicate parts
  • Fabric dunnage
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
  • Prevents scuffing and scratching
Ideal for
  • Complex-shaped items
  • Delicate items
  • Line-side systems
  • Accurately shaped to hold products
  • Ultimate protection
  • Soft cushioning materials
Ideal for
  • Large, heavy items
  • Automotive supply chains
  • Long-term storage projects
  • Stackable and rack options
  • Long-lasting investment
  • Multi-purpose systems
Bespoke design
Our packaging is available in a wide array of materials, and we can design custom solutions to suit every business need.
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Specialist manufacture
We’re renowned for both quality and service. With 7 sites across the UK, we make sure the manufacturing process is seamless and efficient.
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Expert testing
Our UKAS-accredited in-house testing facilities ensure we’re able to test products wherever required to ensure they can withstand all elements and modes of transport.
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We’re not only multi-material. And multi-solution. We’re multi-site too.
We're a global group. Drawing on expertise and experience from across the UK. So whatever material you want, whatever service you need, and wherever you are, we have the capacity and capability to deliver it.
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