Timber treatment

Treated to reduce weight, and stand the test of time

At our timber manufacturing centre, we can kiln dry wood to reduce its weight, and reduce moisture levels by up to 80%, or we can apply heat treatment to comply with ISPM15 worldwide transport regulations.


Treated timber for pallets and crates




Our timber products


Here at Tri-Wall, we treat our timber so it’s lighter and longer lasting.


We're never beaten on quality

We’re constantly measuring the quality of our materials and products against the market and industry standards to ensure we consistently outperform all other like-for-like products.


Quality testing


Why Tri-Wall?

We were the first manufacturer to bring Triple Wall corrugated board to the UK and Europe. But these days, we offer even more.

  • Multi-site. Multi-material. Multi-solution.
  • Award-winning design
  • Unmatched service
  • Innovation + testing
  • A more sustainable approach
  • Ultimate quality
  • Global. National. Local.

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Conventional corrugated

Durable steel




Returnable plastic

Treated timber

We’re not only multi-material. And multi-solution. We’re multi-site too.
We're a global group. Drawing on expertise and experience from across the UK. So whatever material you want, whatever service you need, and wherever you are, we have the capacity and capability to deliver it.
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No minimum order quantity
High compression strength
Limited personnel?
Restricted space?
Squeezed time?
Strength testing
Drop testing
Extreme temperature testing
Strength testing
Drop testing
Moisture testing
Humidity testing
Blast + corrosion resistance
Vibration testing
Pressure testing
Extreme temperature testing
Made with high-quality materials
Optimised for supply chain efficiency
Tested to the highest standards  
Better value
Less waste
Decreased shipping costs
Reduced carbon footprint
Streamlined supply chains

“Having worked with Tri-Wall for a number of years now, they are great to work with and always reliable”

John Richardson
Barbour & Sons

“Tri-Wall does all of our VCA certification and HSE negotiation. Such a strong relationship with HSE means we’re able to push through packaging for international, which is really vital to our business.”

Tri-Wall customer

“We have a unique set-up. We have a huge amount of material stored at a 3rd party warehouse. With very little space on site, we rely on Tri-Wall for daily deliveries, with up to 4 deliveries per day. If we had an unreliable supplier and they missed one day, it could shut down the entire plant.”

Tri-Wall customer