We don’t just make great packaging

We build relationships, based on trust

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It’s business. And it’s personal.

Big, small, slow, fast, hands-on, or hands-off; it doesn’t matter. Every company we work with receives the same dedicated and design-led service they need.


We don’t just supply packaging – we create it (and quality test it, too). Because we’re multi-site and multi-material, you’ll have the full suite of packaging options to choose from – and you’re always guaranteed the best material for the job, not just ‘what happens to be available’. It’s the Tri-Wall Material Advantage.

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We know that one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why we can work collaboratively with you to define and design bespoke packaging solutions around your product and supply chain. We'll also help you reduce waste, transit costs, and your overall carbon footprint.

Working in the factory

Strategic partnership

We’re more than a supplier. We empower our clients by working in collaboration with them, as an extension of their team. Delivering creative and logistical solutions to even the most complex challenges.

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In addition to standard flat-pack delivery, we provide preassembled, ready-to-use packaging that saves you time and resources. Ideal if your pack setup is complex, your production lines need packaging, you have limited personnel, or restricted space for packing areas.

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Stock management

We can help ensure you always have enough stock, without having to pay to store excessive amounts – saving valuable warehouse space, waste, and operational costs. We can even store stock for you at our own Tri-Wall sites.

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We get it done. And we get it done right.

  • Communication at every stage of the process
  • Transparency and integrity. Always.
  • Solving problems, not creating them


We’re one of just six packaging companies in the UK with UKAS-accredited testing facilities. We replicate the conditions your package may be exposed to throughout its journey, which means testing for board performance, compression, drop, vibration, and extreme climates.

Working in the factory

Dangerous goods

Our UN-certified packaging can transport a range of dangerous goods without the need for additional testing. Our UKAS-accredited test lab is operated by experts with in-depth knowledge of materials, handling, shipping, environmental factors, and UN Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Tri-Wall packaging

Timber treatment

At Tri-Wall we’re always looking to make good, better. That’s why we treat our timber so it’s lighter and longer lasting. At our UK manufacturing centre we can kiln dry timber, reducing moisture levels by up to 80%, or apply heat treatment to comply with ISPM15 worldwide transport regulations.

Tri-Wall Furnace

On-site packing

We cover all aspects of packaging, including the packing itself. Tri-Wall’s packers are familiar with the standard range of shipping containers and methods of loading and bracing techniques. We can provide anything from a single packer for a few hours to a multi-skilled team for larger contracts.

Tri-Wall packaging

Tri-Wall’s enduring values

Integrity. Service. Innovation. Quality.

Where are we?

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  • Monmouth & Head-Quaters
  • Swansea
  • Wolverhampton
  • Chesterfield
  • Manchester
  • Gateshead
  • Northshield
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We’re a global group. Multi-material and multi-solution. Multi-site too. Drawing on expertise and experience from across the UK.

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Pleasant Road
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Monmouth + HQ

Wonastow Road
NP25 5TW
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Biddings Lane
West Midlands
WV14 9NN
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Pilsley Road
S45 9BU
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North East (Gateshead)

Unit L92 Kingsway
Team Valley Trading Estate
NE11 0LB
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North East (North Shields)

Unit 14 Alder Road
West Chirton North Industrial Estate
North Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE29 8SD
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Jarrow (Valenbeck)

Bailey Industrial Estate
Ellison Street
Tyne & Wear
NE32 3JU